Sewing Training

The  practical training component for the Sewing Project for  Entrepreneurship “Business in a Box” Training, piloted for Livelihood Community Programme (Vulnerable Groups) for persons living with disabilities took place from 30 May 2016 to 03 June 2016.

The 5 day practical training intervention was held at Athlone Community Center to teach person with disabilities how sew bags from recycled fabrics and flags. Candidates were taught how to explore different avenues and methodologies in sewing, stitching, pattern designs, cut outs, handling and using a domestic/industrial sewing machine and over locker. The training was delivered on behalf of DWDE by a profound subject matter expert, who is the founder/owner of IScreamedRed specialising in teaching persons with disabilities how to sew and create beautiful bags from recycle fabrics.

Overall it was a brilliant and exciting project. The candidates truly enjoyed the practical training and were amazed at their finished products and their ability to acquire a new skill within 5 days.  They showed lots of enthusiasm and confidence when completing their products.